Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Family Camp minus My Family

I went to Batangas for the semi-annual church family camp... now, I have been to Batangas before, and it was quite lovely. Even if the sand was dark, it was still very fine and nice to walk barefoot on... so this time, I was expecting somewhat the same for this beach resort.

After 6 hours on the road (it was expected to take 3-4 hours, and 2 of the 6 hours we ended up off-roading), we arrived at the beach... it was great the water was pristine, the breeze was cool, but when we got down to the shore, we found the biggest grains of sand ever... otherwise known as rocks. Now at this point, I was starving and my head was throbbing, so I was a little cranky and questioning if I even should have joined in on the camp, but because of God's goodness, it just got better from there :) we went boating, someone fell out, we hiked to a lighthouse, made rock castles, saw some corals, got stung by some tiny jellyfish... it was great!


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Good for people to know.

November 11, 2008  

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